Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The most magical place on Earth

The adventure of Disney hit a peak on the day we went to Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. No matter where you were in the park, you could look up and see the grand Circle of Life Tree. Here every possible animal was carved into the majestic trunk. Off to the side sat a giant mountain in the distance filled with laughs and screams of joy. Expedition Everest was a roller-coaster that twisted around and in and out of "Mt.Everest", which we rode 4 times. After the nausea set in, we decided to take it easy and take a ride through the safari. The safari was easily one of my favorite things about Animal Kingdom because of all the exotic animals. Finally after 7 hours in Animal Kingdom, we left and arrived to the core of Disney World, the Magic Kingdom. We ran around the park in search for princesses and characters. Fortunately we got to meet Daisy and Minnie. As the sun set and crowds gathered,  the castle slowly started to glow with lights and graphic projections. The graphic were a timeline of Disney's movies and when they reached present day, the fireworks began. The fireworks were truly magical and emotional. As you stand there in awe, it sets in that the end is nearing and that you and all your friends will soon be gone into another chapter of life. The fireworks ended with shooting stars, mass amounts of  lights, and a glisten in my eyes. The night had finally came to a close.