Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pop Art

After studying Andy Warhol's pop art and mass-production style, I was really inspired with my print. I created my print off of a small Cinderella figure. After making several prints with it, I decided it needed something else, so I created a princess carriage print to pair with the princess. As a huge Disney fan, the mass production of Cinderelle and her carriage was quite fun to me. I even had friends who wanted me to create print posters for them. This project was definitely one of my favorites. 

Art x3

It was an interesting experience working with something I had to "let go" of twice. I was attached to my original piece and didn't want to give it up. Second piece I was given to work with did not give me much room for change or much to work with. I was glad to let go of that one. My third piece had elements that really inspired me like the wonder women. In the end I was really pleased with my final art piece. The life lesson learned here was to work with what life gives you; you may surprise yourself with what you can do. 

Fortune Cookie inspired

My fortunes were future and personality oriented; "Your future is as boundless as the lofty heave," and "you have an unusually magnetic personality." To represent a promising future, I used an interview cutout of an Olympian who, too, has a boundless future. Tina Fey represents my magnetic personality because she is the queen of comedy and doesn't take herself too seriously. The sponged red background comes from my fortune "summer." In all my work depicts what I aspire to be in the future.