Thursday, June 5, 2014

Present me wrapped in a box for future me

This box is bright and fun just as I would say I am. On the inside, it's includes pictures with my closest friends and souvenirs such as movie tickets and gift cards. I chose stuff that would remind future me of all the people at are currently important in my life. I also chose stuff the would remind me of the fun I had and adventures I embarked on. I contributed articles about professional runners and events that have recently happened such as the strength that arose from the tragic Boston bombing. I can only hope that future me still enjoys the things I find passion for now such as running and movies. I see myself opening this box with a smile. 

Final Farewell

For these past four years, I've been trying to get into this creative arts class. Finally, my senior year, my final year here at Haddon Twp, it fit into my schedule. This has definitely been my favorite class and something to look forward to at the end of each day. No matter how stressed I was, I could walk into this room and feel at peace, and free to explore. I've learned a lot about art this year, real art, and not just childish doodles. For my birthday I even received tickets to the art museums, and sketch books with art supplies to continue with the skills I've discovered this year. My favorite project this year was definitely the modern totem pole. It was really cool to watch everyone's come together and tell a story. I'll miss this class, but now is our time to depart. This is Alicia Pipkin, signing out.