Thursday, November 14, 2013

World in Blue

Portia Munson is a artist famous for her collections, especially the unified color collections. We mimiced her collection by each bringing in 2 random blue objects. After taking a snap shot of the collection and examining it, these objects prove to tell a lot about our society and culture. In our collection you can find many cosmetic essentials which show how our society values beauty. The globle represents how interconnected and small our world has become. There are at least 3 cell phone cases in the collection which signify our interest in technology and communication. The collection as a whole ranges from decor to everyday used items showing how versitile we've become. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collecting Showtimes

Andy Warhol is both a collecting artist and pop art artist. Pop Art is art based on modern popular cutlure and mass media. Like Andy Warhol, I have a collection that crosses with pop art. My collection of movie stub tickets holds sentimental value and memories with friends and family. I started collecting tickets in 7th grade. Sadly, after moving to a different house, I lost a decent amount of my collection. Since then, I have rebuilt my collection. Each ticket is a looking glass to a phase in my life, whether it be a friend group or fangirl phenomenom. My favorite ticket is The Great Gatsby ticket. I hated the movie itself, but that day was one of the best days ever because I spent it with my best friend after not seeing him for months. 
The other thing that appeals to me is the change of the tickets over time. As I aged, so have the ticket ratings from G to R, including a variety of interest. 

While exploring other artist and general collections, I came across a man who, too, collects movie ticket stubs.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bike or Candy?

The bike and candy jar projects required different details. I found it was more challenging using the color pencils with shading than regular pencils. I think my bike drawing came out better than my candy jar. Both had challenges though-the bike pedal and the candy lid (both circular objects). Hopefully as the year goes on, drawing shapes such as circles and ovals gets easier. 

Something sweet

Our second project in class was drawing the candy jar sitting in from of us. The goal was to created dimension and a glass cover over the candy to appear like the jar. Surprisingly, the only thing I found difficult was drawing the lid. I discovered drawing circles and ovals are not in my expertise, but it's okay. My jar of candy came out better than I expected, especially the bag of Skittles.